New Sammys® Pole Tool improves Fire Protection installation times

Pole Tool

Glendale Heights, IL - March 19, 2014 - Since introducing the newly redesigned Sammys® Pole Tool, ITW Buildex® has received positive feedback from Fire Protection customers about how much easier it is to install and hang threaded rod anchors into wood, steel, and concrete while reducing the time it takes to install anchors used for sprinklers and other warning system devices.

The new vertical design comes fully assembled and is the perfect choice for working in tight spaces, through the ceiling grid, or with work involving high vaulted ceilings. The Sammys Pole Tool is available in two telescoping sizes - one extends from 4-12 feet and the other from 6-18 feet - so it eliminates the need for scaffolding, ladders, or lifts. Simply adjust the Pole Tool to the desired length, load the rod and your choice of Sammys screw anchors, and the socket will spin free when the anchor is completely installed.

“The new design allows you to work from the ground up and saves a valuable amount of time. The reports we have received from the field indicate a labor savings of about 25%,” remarked J Schneider, Marketing Director for ITW Commercial Construction, North America. “The Sammys Pole Tool is very flexible in getting to the hard to reach places where many of the Fire Protection devices need to be placed. It also improves the safety factor for workers by eliminating the need and set-up time to put a scaffold or lift in place, as well as the time to remove that equipment.”

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