New Sammys® for cracked and seismic concrete features industry’s only Swivel, Side and Vertical anchor trio for fast installations

Cracked Concrete Sammys Group

Glendale Heights, IL - January 15, 2014 - The new Sammys cracked concrete and seismic approved anchor trio being introduced at World of Concrete represents another first from ITW Buildex®. Providing unprecedented flexibility to install straight-hanging system fixtures, lighting, assemblies, and signs quickly and more efficiently, the Swivel Head, Sidewinder and Vertical anchor trio eliminates rod-bending and other tedious and time-consuming steps. It also enables more-consistent alignments that mirror design specifications, regardless of overhead angles, walls or similar installment surface issues.

The concrete anchors will be demonstrated and available for inspection in the ITW Red Head®/ITW Buildex booth (O31514) at World of Concrete, being held January 20-24 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“No other manufacturer offers such a versatile anchor solution,” asserts J Schneider, Marketing Director for ITW Commercial Construction North America. “This group of Sammys threaded rod screw anchor options brings significant installation efficiencies along with design flexibility to every job. Architects and engineers as well as contractors will find the new Sammys trio ideal for structures in any area at risk from seismic events, or when seeking to ensure fastener integrity while mitigating potential future concrete cracking problems.

“Achieving ICC-ESR-2202 compliance is a significant achievement,” Schneider points out. “The Advanced Thread Form Technology incorporates teeth at intervals on alternating Sammys anchor threads. They effectively bite into concrete and deliver superb holding power installation torque as compared to other concrete screw anchor technology.”

Thanks to this technology, Sammys anchors also go in easier and require 30% less installation torque than typical screw anchor products. This results in holding power with less pressure, less energy and less draw on drill batteries.

Two-step Sammys process cuts installation time by nearly half vs. three-step methods

“Other manufacturers’ options - drop-in wedge anchors, for example - typically lack the required code approvals and require multiple steps or multi-piece hardware,” Schneider continues. “In contrast, with Sammys you simply drill a hole and insert the Sammys anchor.”

Granted, every job is different and worker speed varies, he notes. But “it’s quite likely that a Sammys installation could be done in about half the time. This translates into twice as many installations per hour or per day, all without compromising fastener integrity, holding power or any other specified requirement.”

Sammys nut drivers are specially designed to work with Swivel Head, Sidewinder and Vertical anchors, so when the Sammys is properly embedded, the drive automatically cams off. It results in no stripped-out holes, re-drilling or incorrect alignments, all of which helps every job progress faster. In addition, the new Climaseal® provides 1000 hours of corrosion protection.

Third party approvals include the following:

  • ICC-ESR-2202 Cracked Concrete/Seismic
  • 2012, 2009 International Building Code (IBC)
  • 2012, 2009 International Residential Code (IRC)
  • Uniform Building Code
  • FM Approval 0003049284
  • City of Los Angeles (COLA) pending
  • 2010 Florida Building Code Compliance

“The Sammys seismic/cracked concrete anchor trio,” concludes Schneider, “gives architects and engineers greater design flexibility for any type of installation - without compromising fastener security - while also helping contractors meet construction schedules.”

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